“O my king, if ever there was a land to confound even a master geographer as myself, it is Yeziphel, a land that simply should not be a mystery! The orcs knew the land well, and the Itzamanti Empire charted its coasts. By Skelos’s black tongue, even the drow tell wonders and tales of Yeziphel’s wild grasslands and savannahs and untamed forests! Yet why is it that we do not take advantage of this neighboring continent – why is it that our expeditions always fail to return from the western continent?

What little we know of the land’s interior comes from two sources – the drow and the men of the Middle Kingdoms. The former know the interior well; the latter know only of the northern reaches. The former tell tales that paint Yeziphel as a mythical and forbidden – yet generous – land, while the former provide little beyond scouting reports of mild mountains and hills filled with strange beasts and giants.

Alas, we may never know the truth of Yeziphel – the shores are treacherous, protected by unnavigable reefs and rocky outcropping lurking just below the waterline – no safe harbor has yet to be found. Exploration across land is possible, but the Middle Kingdoms jealously guard the passage to Yeziphel, and the kings of those lands have grown so desperate and greedy in his pursuit of power that they would hold a simple geographer from entering if it meant ransoming more soldiers and gold from the proud crowns of Niranshetra! The few explorers that have entered the continent have never returned, undoubtedly waylaid by giants in the northern hills and a peculiar race of cat-men native to the region.

There is, however, one particular fact from the drow fables of Yeziphel that I feel worth reprinting. It is said that the drow were once part of a great empire that migrated to Ortheia from the Divine Forest – a foolish notion, but the part that bears repeating is that they were only one of two races of “elves” that came through. The second are named the eridanu, and it is said that these elves were pale-skinned and chased the drow from Yeziphel over some purported crime or transgression. To this date, however, no man has made contact with the eridanu, or light elves, nor any nations that have traded with them – or even found any evidence to suggest that the eridanu ever existed!"

- Andu Sahib, Geographer for the King of Ganapali


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