Gods live on Ortheia with their mortal followers. They have emerged from their isolation from time to time to speak to the people and appear among their temples, but as gods are as vulnerable as mortals, they are cautious of making their presence known. The only gods that live openly among their people are the four Shih gods of Yagura, who have built massive temple-cities for themselves. Other gods reside in the wilds, in the uncharted reaches of the world, out in the mists of the Outer Realms, or take disguises to watch their faithful from among their number.

Gods are driven by either a need to nurture the life and growth of Ortheia’s creatures (as is their original directive), or they desire for power and strength and the command of Ortheia, believing that if they come to command the world they can return to the heavens.

Most gods are recognized by names known throughout the centuries by their followers in their pantheons, but true god names are formed in two parts – the first is a two syllable word always beginning with an A, which is their divine title as greater spirits, while the second part is their identifier name, usually of no more than three or four syllables. As stated, these names have become lost, but most gods bear some semblance of their true names – for instance, Aesh’Varim is known now as Aeshvar, and the god Adah’Vengor is known as Vengor alone. The only gods that still follow this original convention are the living gods of the Divinity of Yagura.

However, divine power is not dependent upon the gods in Ortheia. There are other paths to divine strength, stemming from esoteric mysticism in the inner workings of the universe. As such, several non-theistic religions exist, such as the Suley Prophecies and the ancestral worship of the goblins.

The Tebodim Pantheon

The main faith of Niranshetra, the Middle Kingdoms, and the northern nations. The most practiced religion outside of Yagura.

The Divinity

Also known as the Yaguran Pantheon or the Shih Pantheon. The state-sponsored religion of Yagura, headed by four gods present in Yagura.

The Char-Kuma Pantheon

The pantheon of the oni, which has also gained some converts among other races in Niranshetra.

Path of the Suley Prophecies

The main faith of the drow, but also popular among humans and gnomes. It is most popular in Xibaros and Alhadan, but adherents can be found across the world.

Goblin Ancestral Cult

The main faith of the goblin nations of the Mur Islands, dedicated to the reverence of one’s ancestors and orc progenitors.

Independent Gods

Evil gods, the dragon-god of the halflings, and other deities not associated with a pantheon may be found here.


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