Path of the Suley Prophecies

Alignment: Neutral Good (Followers may be NG, LG, CG, or N)
Holy Symbol: A small copy of the prophecy scrolls tucked into one’s belt or sash
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Cleric Domains: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection

The Path of the Suley Prophecies, or Suleyism, is the main religion of Gedros and Alhadan. The focus of the religion is founded upon the Fifty-one Prophecies, contained in a series of scrolls kept by religious leaders and often copied and printed for distribution.

The Prophecies first rose among the drow as a reaction to the new worship of fallen god Iblis. In the early years many drow of the new tribes became crippled with doubt and despair from the new evils they unleashed, combined with the grief of banishment from Aretes by their own brothers. In response some tribes began to seek paths in mysticism, and through efforts of divination, five drow elders – later known as the Five Prophets – discovered esoteric knowledge and shared them in the Prophecies, a series of commandments, visions of the future, and guides to attaining enlightenment. The conversion of the drow to Suleyism sparked the Drow Civil War, which saw the drow of Iblis as the victors. The surviving drow migrated east and eventually settled Alhadan, but as they did so they shared their knowledge with the humans of Gedros – along with a warning of the coming drow hordes – in exchange for shelter and food. Three human prophets emerged over the course of the next one hundred years of introduction, further transforming and spreading the faith of Suleyism.

The Suley Prophecies hold that life is an illusion, made manifest by chaos and animated by change. The pure divine state is a deathly stasis, the emptying of emotions and the transmogrification of the soul’s basic nature from chaos to order. Part of this is done through a state of submission and silence before the cosmic order. Followers of the Prophecies do not worship the terrestrial gods, although respect and reverence must be paid to them for they are incarnate shards of order.

The Drow of Alhadan take a more mystic approach to Suleyism, where many of their assassins and priests train in complete isolation for years at a time. The humans of Gedros, driven by the Three Prophets of Humanity, have taken a communal approach to the religion, believing that unity and cohesion of a society is equally important as meditation – the reunion of Divine Order must come through a reunion of those living, and society (especially the arcologies of Gedros) represent a microcosm of this gnostic state.

As identity is a strong element of traveling in the wastes of Gedros, most Suleyists identify one another by affixing a small copy of the Prophecies in scroll-form into their sash, and to recite a line from the Prophecies when challenged. Every Suleyist settlement has their own line, and speaking such a line serves as a passport. This tradition is one of the few means by which Alhadan drow can be distinguished from their Iblisian brethren.

Path of the Suley Prophecies

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