House Rules

This page will be updated often, so make sure to check back.

Read this as a quick little cheat sheet to understand the new races and some of the crazy culture mixing that is going on in the setting – Quick Reference.

Check this out for the Point-Buy system for character creation – Point Buy System

Character Creation

Character creation will be done using a Point-Buy system for stats, as outlined in the Pathfinder Character Creation Outline. Points allotted for creation is set at 20. All characters must be approved by the DM before entering play.

I will be checking backstory and concept for the character. This is a heavy story-driven campaign, so I expect your character to be fleshed out somewhat. If you’re stumping on the setting or how to build your character’s backstory, I’ll be happy to assist and give you hooks for the campaign.


All core and base classes in the Pathfinder system are allowed except for the Gunslinger. The Gunslinger has been banned as firearms are not widespread enough to allow the use of this class.

The Cavalier is allowed in the form of the Samurai alternate class (listed in the Pathfinder SRD alternate classes section). Samurai are found throughout the southern and eastern nations. The tradition of the samurai began in Yagura, but the warrior style has become so popular that schools teaching the various warrior arts of Yagura have popped up all across the Grave and Niranshetra, and samurai in these lands often pledge themselves to kings and noble houses as their masters. Likewise, samurai armor and weapons are available from specialist blacksmiths.

Prestige Classes

Prestige Classes will be added at a later date as the campaign nears the level where these become available. A small number will be available, each one tailored to the campaign.


DO NOT USE THE RACES IN THE PATHFINDER SRD. We have alternate rules for all races in the Races section. Likewise, not all of the base races are available for play. Check in this section first, really!

House Rules

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