A Condensed Survey of Ortheia, 2nd Edition, by Andu Sahib

“Most supreme and holy King of Ganapali, directed upon this, the Eleventh Year of your Reign, in the year Five Hundred and Sixteen of the Merchant Calendar…

It is with great pleasure that I present this work to you, my King, this second version of the Condensed Survey of Ortheia. Your Majesty’s criticisms of the first edition were taken close to heart of myself, your most loyal subject, in regards to the manner of tone used. I concur, naturally, that it was too self-congratulatory to the Serene Kingdom of Ganapali, and while there is no dispute that your majesty’s subjects are the most blessed upon Ortheia, there is much need for a neutral source of information on our beautiful world.

In addition, this edition has greatly expanded its text upon the great Empire of Yagura, of which little was presented before. This I can attribute to my esteemed colleague, Bookmaster Minoru Kiyomori of the Genma Enclave. The Genma wizards were most forthcoming with information regarding the mysterious nation, as they are expatriates of the region. I believe your Majesty shall find this information most useful, given the tense political situation as Yagura slips into what can only be forecast as a new civil war."

- Andu Sahib, Royal Geographer

The Grave – Detailing this great wasteland, including the Xibaros Commonwealth, the Alhadan Protectorate, and the Middle Kingdoms
The Kingdoms of Niranshetra – Detailing the history of the Varyna Hadim Empire and the three nations now seeking its ancient crown.
The Heavenly Empire of Yagura – Detailing the vast empire of warriors, gods, and technology.
The Mur Islands – Detailing the eastern reaches, home to the goblins. Includes the kingdoms of Thulsishi, Singharon, Sahel, and Noihin’ri.
The North – Detailing both the known nations of Kavasland, Rashykali, Itzamanti, and the Troll Kingdoms as well as lands unknown.
Kalis – Detailing the northern sub-continent, home to the horned ones, locked in perpetual war. Includes a brief history of the orians, the dwarves, and the nations of Ryk’Danoth and Taurodia.
Yeziphel – Detailing what little is known of the mysterious southwestern continent.

A Condensed Survey of Ortheia, 2nd Edition, by Andu Sahib

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