Timeline of Ortheia History since the Elder World Era

Calendar Systems

KS – The Kobayim Star Calendar, also known as the Old Calendar. The Star Calendar dates back to the Old Kobayim Empire as is used primarily by scholars, as it is used to chart dates since the beginning of the orc empires.

MC – Merchant’s Calendar, also known as the Common Calendar. The Merchant’s Calendar was founded by Emperor Seshanga Ephfraim for a more easily accessible calendar to use for his empire’s merchants and record keepers. It has since been adopted by nearly every southern nation.


~ 0 KS – The end of the Elder World Era. The orc city of Ranzkor is founded, marking the beginning of the First Migration and the first years of the Kobayim Star Calendar.

~ 1,000 KS – The Great Stone Peace is signed between the Old Kobayim Empire and the Shran’grez Empire.

~ 3,000 KS – The Second Migration. The orians enter their first Long Sleep.

~ 5,000 KS – The Third Migration. The Dhkarkak Empire reaches its greatest extent.

~ 10,000 KS – the Final Migration. The Shran’grez Empire falls into obscurity.

~ 12,000 KS – The dragon god Scoran is chased by the orcs across the length of Gedros, beginning the century-long Dragon Hunt by the greatest orc warriors and kings.

~ 12,100 KS – Scoran is slain. His death curse echoes across Gedros, forming the Grave and tainting the land. The orcs of Ankrathraskga begin to build the first arcologies in order to survive in the tainted lands.

~ 13,500 KS – Cataclysm rocks the Dhkarkak Empire, sinking it beneath the ocean floors and forming the Mur Islands. The Tebodim Census is written in Kobayim.

~ 14,000 KS – The orcs wage war against the Army of the Curse. The undead horde consumes Elder Races and orcs alike as they swarm against the remaining orc nations. The War of the Bloody Skull.

~ 16,000 KS – The War of the Bloody Skull ends. The Ankrathraskga Empire falls.

~ 17,000 KS – first recorded signs of the oni and goblins in orc records. The Great Seal is raised in what will one day be Yagura.

~ 18,000 KS – The oni found the Shiar Empire.

~ 19,000 KS – the humans emerge from the Vale. Human migrations to Niranshetra and Gedros begin. These migrations tend to happen every hundred years as local tribes are pushed out by new tribes in the Vale.

~ 21,000 KS – The gods of Char-Kuma are welcomed into the Shiar Empire. The halfling empire of Itzamanti is founded in north Gedros.

~ 23,000 KS – The Itzamanti Horde. The halflings conquer western Gedros and the Niranshetra Bay under the watchful eyes of their god, Sharmat.

~ 24,500 KS – Sharmat vanishes. The southern Itzamanti Empire collapses into chaos, beginning a long decline as humans and oni rebel against the halflings.

~ 24,800 KS – The Itzamanti Empire is reduced in size and influence to the ashlands of northwestern Gedros.

~ 25,000 KS – The Zhemri humans ride east from Yeziphel, reclaiming lands their ancestors held before the coming of the Itzamanti Empire. They bring with them a culture vastly different from Niranese.

~ 25,200 KS – The orians awaken and found the Aviskathul Empire.

~ 25,500 KS – The goblins kingdoms of Okou and Singharon are founded.

25,880 KS – the Old Kobayim Empire dissolves.

~ 25,900 KS – The Tebodim priests are received in Niranshetra courts, bringing with them countless Dekuchi gnome migrants fleeing the north. The priests spread the Tebodim Faith among the Zhemri and Niranese.

~ 26,400 KS – The drow migrate from Yeziphel to Gedros.

26,430 KS – the drow purportedly meet the god Iblis. Soon after, the drow pledge themselves to his service and begin to raid Zhemri kingdoms on the western shores of Gedros.

~ 26,600 KS – the Tebodim faith is virtually universal among the humans of Niranshetra.

~ 26,700 KS – the Shih gods invade Shiar and battle the Char-Kuma gods. They are subsequently defeated, their bodies placed into stasis and buried.

~27,500 KS – the Sammouki tribe is driven from the Vale. Tara Minaro finds the Shih gods and nurses them to health. The gods promise them a homeland if they drive the oni and their gods from the Shien River Valley. In Gedros, the first of the Suley Prophets begin to preach to the drow.

27,516 KS – The Shiar Empire is destroyed and Tara Minaro is crowned Empress Seated Upon the Lotus Throne. The Great Heavenly Empire of Yagura is founded. Oni refugees flee to Niranshetra and Mur.

27,524 KS – The first and second Suley Prophets are martyred. The third, fourth, and fifth leads an exodus of drow from the Iblisian cults.

27,528 KS – The Suley drow take refuge among the arcologies of the Grave. The Suley prophets preach among the humans.

27,530 KS – The two human prophets of Suley are taught and help to spread the faith to the other arcologies of the Grave.

27,560 KS – The final drow Suley Prophets decide to leave the Grave. They travel east and found the cities that would later become Alhadan, along the south face of Gold Mountain.

28,074 KS – The Kinta clan emerges victorious from the Ascendancy War and places their own emperors upon the Lotus Throne of Yagura.

28,440 KS – The Black Dragon War. In response to the unprovoked conquest of the goblin nation of Yalugades, the goblin nations declare war upon Yagura. The war rages for fifteen before it ends with the the Battle of Three Lilies The Kinta clan is annihilated in the pitched battle, leading to a seven year interregnum in the Yaguran Imperial Line. Okou falls to civil war, poverty, and widespread famine.

28,473 KS – The signing of the Green Constitution in Yagura, signaling the beginning of the Autumnal Cycle Period. Power is shared through a democratic elector process among the Great Clans, while the Minaro House is diminished in power.

~28,800-29,200 KS – The Troll Wars savage the populations of Gedros and Linvarel. Hundreds of thousands are afflicted with the Troll Blight and armies loyal to the Troll Fathers do untold damage to Yagura, the Grave, and the northern nations. The Second Kobayim Empire falls. The Fattah arcology falls. Aviskathul falls silent as the orians retreat into another hibernation. The trolls are beaten back to the northern marshes (now termed the Troll Kingdoms) after half a century of fighting, but it will not be for another three centuries before the nations of the south recover from the Blight in terms of population and commerce, resulting in stagnation of growth and progress. The first dwarf clans emerge in the mountains of the Kalis peninsula, fiercely defending lands once held by Aviskathul.

29,080 KS – The First Xibaros Charter is signed by all but two of the arcologies of the Grave in response to the fall of Fattah. The Xibaros Commonwealth is birthed.

29,227 KS – Seshanga Ephfraim becomes the King of Vishkanti at the age of fifteen. He musters his armies and declares his intention to unite Niranshetra under a single banner.

29,231 KS – Seshanga meets the dragon Lezivayaka and the two swear blood oaths. The campaign against the Zhemri kingdoms begins.

29,247 KS – Seshanga completes his conquest and names his new nation the Varyna Hadim Empire.

1 MC (29,254 KS) – The Merchant’s Calendar is established in the seventh year of Emperor Seshanga’s reign and soon becomes the dominant calendar in Niranshetra. The older Kobayim Star Calendar is still used in some corners.

10 MC – Emperor Seshanga founds the Jaguar Guard, formed entirely from halflings descended from the Itzamanti Empire. Halflings begin to receive new respect in Niranshetra as a result.

15-18 MC – The Omijin War is fought in Yagura between Clan Teda and Clan Weiushu. Clan Teda imports light infantry from Alhadan. Weiushu loses land. The Duke of Weiushu, enraged at this dishonor and facing demands that he commit seppuku, sues for peace with Teda and turns his forces against Alhadan. His entire extended family and all of his generals are dead within the third week of sieges. Clan Weiushu fades from existence in the Imperial Census and its lands are annexed by other clans.

20 MC – the Reticent Accords declare Alhadan as a Protectorate of Yagura. Alhadan begins to sell its assassin-monks to external clients in Yagura, Niranshetra, and Mur.

186 MC – The Court Civil War begins in Yagura.

210 MC – The Silver Horde forms in the northern steppes of Kobayim. It is comprised of disenfranchised Dakadi gnome tribesmen and Finkradig (outcast) dwarves.

219 MC – The Third Kobayim Empire falls to the Silver Horde. The Dakadi Khanate is founded.

230 MC – Alash’Suzaku is slain. The Yaguran capital of Arushi is annihilated. The Court Civil War ends, as does the Autumnal Cycle.

232 MC – The goddess Aka’Vashi gathers the clans on the Arushi Plateau and swears them to a secret pact. The reign of the Monkey Emperor begins in Yagura.

269 MC – Frustrated with reforms in the Imperial Court, the Genma wizards leave Yagura and form their Enclave.

332 MC – The reign of the Monkey Emperor ends when the Duchess of Clan Toroko refuses to bow before Aka’Vashi. The Shikaku Wars begin in Yagura as the clans battle for control of the Lotus Throne.

349 MC – The Silver Horde is pushed out of Kobayim. The Fourth Kobayim Empire begins. The Finkradig dwarves leave the Silver Horde and travel to Kavasland. The Dakadi gnomes are left to fend for themselves in the steppes along Kobayim’s borders.

355 MC – Kouren Minaro fights the Battle of the Horse, ending a five year campaign that brings the northern clans under his heel. The Shikaku Wars end and the Minaro Restoration begins in Yagura.

372 MC – The Niranese-Ephfraim Wars divide the Varyna Hadim Empire, each warlord claiming the Tiger Throne and lineage to the Ephfraim bloodline.

379 MC – The Fourt Kobayim Empire collapses. The Sedoulim War. The Sedoulim, championing land reform, greater rights for peasantry, and the pardoning of the Dakadi, fight against the Rashykali traditionalists.

381 MC – The gnome necromancer Sevogorod appears in the Kobayim capital of Ruskprat with the invincible golem Koschei and demands an end to the civil unrest. The Sedoulim are banished, ending the Sedoulim War. Overnight, the bickering Rashykali caste forms a stable government as the Rashykali Federation. Order is maintained under the watchful gaze of Koschei, who becomes a permanent fixture of the city, standing alongside the ancient Tebodim Cathedral.

384 MC – the Sedoulim gnomes are granted asylum among the nations of Niranshetra.

402 MC – The Niranese-Ephfraim Wars unofficially ends. Niranshetra remains divided.

427 MC – Hanzo Minaro dies and his only heir disappears on the day of his coronation. Foul play is suspected, but none can determine the culprit. After several months of investigation, the Imperial Court declares themselves as stewards of the Lotus Throne, promising to return the Throne to the true bloodline of Minaro when it is found.

433 MC – The orians return and found the nations of Ryk’Danoth and Taurodia. They gather dwarven clans loyal to them and begin to war for control of Kalis.

459 MC – The Kavas found the city of Dannemos in north Gedros.

461 MC – After the collapse of the Kingdom of Hadiga, the Noragma drow take control of the nation and name the new nation after themselves.

488 MC – After centuries of petitioning, the oni of Sahel are granted independence by the Kingdom of Singharon.

512 MC – The Defiant Proclamation. Duke Kaseda proclaims that the Court has deliberately kept the Lotus Throne vacant to foster unrest and responsibility to restore the Throne falls once again to the Great Clans. Although the other clans decry the proclamation, they silently begin to bolster standing armies. Skirmishes and feud wars between the clans begin to rise in frequency.

517 MC (29,771 KS) – The campaign begins.

Timeline of Ortheia History since the Elder World Era

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