Races differ from classic D&D/Pathfinder in several ways. Almost all are different in terms of culture, but a few races here are refined mechanically from the base 3.5 systems. Please take the time to view each entry if you plan on playing the race.


Humans form the backbone of the southern and eastern nations, ruling the Yagura Empire, controlling the majority of Niranshetra’s political sphere, and sharing power in the arcologies of Xibaros. Humans are avid explorers and hungry adventurers, always looking to make a name for themselves.

Dark Elf (Drow)

The dark elves are exiles who came to the east millenia ago. Although the drow have suffered numerous schisms over the years, they are feared and respected as graceful warriors, potent mystics, and deadly assassins. Drow culture is well-versed in the arts of killing and secret knowledge. From time to time drow leave their homelands in order to complete a quests for mystical knowledge and personal advancement.

Goblin (Nalboth)

The nalboths, or true goblins (also high goblin or hobgoblins) are the prime goblinoid life form. Hailing from the far eastern Mur Islands, goblins have always had a dangerous rivalry with the humans of the mainland. Nalboths take pride in their orcish heritage and seek to increase their fame and power to honor their ancestors.


The gnomes are descendants of the ancient Kobayim Empire. Rich in heritage and culture, many gnomes migrated south after the fall of Kobayim, integrating into human culture. Most gnomes take great interest in scholarly subjects and commerce, and some turn to adventuring to make profit from their keen mind for history.


The world once felt the weight of the savage halfling empire of Itzamanti upon them, but those days are long gone now. Most halflings live in secluded villages on the outskirts of great cities in Niranshetra, where they till the land and pray to their grim god. Now and then, a handful of halflings leave their home in hopes of fame and fortune as mercenaries.


The oni are brash, loud, and raucous. Chased from their ancestral home in Yagura by the humans, they now settle in other lands, where they pray to their gods and throw wild festivals. For an oni, the best life is one spent brawling and partying, often one after the other.

Other Notable Races

These races are not available for play without special request, but are listed here for reference.


The dwarves were bred for war – literally. The orian alchemists shaped dwarves to match their specifications for hardy warriors and laborers that could both toil beneath the mountains of their empire and also rise to the defense of their land. First appearing during the last years of Aviskathul, the dwarves were separated from their masters for centuries, during which they deified their creators and formed distinct clans. Now, with the return of the orians and the rise of rivaling nations Taurodia and Ryk’Danoth, the dwarven clans have begun to take sides, believing themselves to be in the midst of a divine struggle between good and evil with their gods.

High Elf (Eridanu)

The Al’Bahin drow of Alhadan tell legends of the days when they arrived on Ortheia, fleeing the Divine Forest with their pale-skinned brethren, the eridanu, or light elves. Although the two races were united as one and forged an empire together in the far west, the eridanu turned on their brethren for a perceived fault or sin and cast them from the land. Few knows what happened to the eridanu and their empire following this exile, but nomads and scouts surveying the southwest continent of Yeziphel sometimes relate tales of tall, pale-skinned warriors in armor of gold and cloaks of crimson, far too lithe to be human. They say they bear the banner of a great Eagle, and what seem as caravans kicking up sand are in truth massive armies riding as one body across the land.


The orcs were an ancient race emerging at the end of the Elder World – an era of prehistory marked by the reign of terrible beast men hailing from the Outer Dark. The orc nations rose from the far north out of the mythical land of Gorinium and conquered much of the known world, driving the Elder Races to extinction or hiding. The orcs were said to be legendary warriors armed with the might of awesome spells and bowed before no god, but their empires fell as mysteriously as they rose. The goblins, humans, and oni of present day rose from their bloodlines, but of the original orcs there remain nothing but their ruins.


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