New Language Rules

Languages are arranged in three tiers in the Scarred Heavens campaign – Active, Rare, and Secret. Listed below are the most common languages in these categories. When creating your character, rather than using the rules for your race, you learn Common and the language of your origin, along with any bonus languages granted from classes or statistic scores. You are allowed one rare language maximum in this bonus languages, but you are always able to learn more active and rare languages by spending points on the Speak Language skill. Secret languages are also earned by spending points in Speak Language, but the player must express an interest to the DM in learning the language and the character should seek out a scholar to study under.

Active Languages


Otherwise the Merchant’s Tongue or Gedran, Common is spoken by members of every race and nation to some degree, although not everyone speaks it. It is not as reliable as other settings to find it in every situation, but it is guaranteed to be spoken by at least a handful of people in any given settlement. It is the native language of Xibaros.


Spoken by the inhabitants of the Yaguran Empire. The language is not spoken much beyond the borders of this nation, but Yagurans do not look kindly upon outsiders who do not know their language.


Spoken by the eastern regions of Niranshetra. Despite the name, not all kingdoms in the Bay speak the language primarily. This is the old ethnic language of the Niranese, also spoken primarily by the Dekuchi gnomes and oni natives to Niranshetra.


Spoken by the Asoka people of Niranshetra. Asokan use is rather sparse compared to Niranese and Zhemri, but it is common along the coastlines, where the traditional Asokan people once held their kingdoms. It is a popular tongue for sailors to pick up, because most ports in Niranshetra Bay have a sizable Asokan population.


Spoken by the goblins and oni of the Mur Islands. The oni dialect of Goblinese is a little more difficult to comprehend than the goblin dialect – however, this oni dialect is only spoken primarily in the oni-led Kingdom of Sahel.


Spoken in the north by inhabitants of Kavasland. It is also spoken in some settlements among the Middle Kingdoms. In general, it is the primary language of the partially uncharted northwest of Ortheia.


Spoken by the western regions of Niranshetra and roughly half of the Middle Kingdoms. Zhemri is the language of the Zhemri people that migrated to the region, although the modern language has also borrowed heavily from the language of the Niranshetra halflings, who also speak this language in the modern age.


Old tongue of the gnomes, spoken primarily by Rashykali gnomes and some of the Korobokuru of Yagura. Also used by scholars and priests of the Tebodim Faith. Dekuchi and Sedoulim gnomes prefer to use their native tongues, but some grow up learning Kobayim.

Rare Languages

Old Elvish

Still spoken by some drow, particularly the Al’Bahin of Alhadan and the Iblisian warbands. It is also widely learned among the priesthood of Suleyism, for the original Prophecies are written in Old Elvish.


Spoken by both metallic and chromatic dragons, Draconic is the ancient language of the dragon kingdom, with use dating back to the Late Elder World. Draconic is still used today as a royal tongue and script among nations of Niranshetra. All proceedings and receptions by the royal court of a Niranese kingdom are spoken in draconic so that the Dragon Lords may fully appreciate the conversations and not sully their ears with the coarse, mortal tongues.


The old tongue of the halfling Itzamanti Empire. It is still spoken by the remnants of that Empire, but its use is rare among most civilized halflings. Some secluded halfling villages in Niranshetra still speak the language, but these are often the exception, not the rule.


Spoken by trolls and those inhabiting the Troll Kingdoms. Trollish is learned supernaturally by any creature who suffers the Troll Blight for long periods of time, and spontaneously speaking in Trollish is a foolproof sign that one carries the Blight.


The old language of the orian Aviskahtul Empire. It is spoken today by the nations of Taurodia and Ryk’Danoth. In addition, the creations of the orians – the dwarves, the minotaurs, and the harpies – all speak Aviskathan. Many interested in alchemy learn Aviskathan to translate old alchemical treatises and formulae written by the orians.

Chieftain’s Tongue

A bastard tongue combining elements of eight different languages spoken in the Vale. So named because it is used by the chieftains of different Vale tribes during summits in order to negotiate peace. Most Vale tribesmen can understand Chieftain’s Tongue to a degree, while elders and chieftains of a tribe can understand the tongue fully.

Secret Languages


The purported language of the angels and the first spirits, Elridic is a magic language used in arcane and divine magic. Speaking the language allows an individual to invoke words of power, while Elridic runes are used in glyph spells. Most spellbooks are written in Elridic. Elridic is spoken by angels, demons, and devils. Wizards may choose Elridic as a bonus language in place of Draconic.


Spoken by elementals, plant creatures, and fey. Amonic is known as the Tongue of Ortheia, said to be based upon the first language of the Divine Forest. The druids derived their own secret language from Amonic.


The ancient tongue of the Orc Empires. Orcish is invaluable to anyone wishing to study the Orc Migration Era or translate the texts from their empires. Orcish is primarily a scholarly language; no modern nation speaks orcish primarily.


Language of the isurga, the Elder Race of Shark. Although most languages of the Elder Races are near impossible to decipher, the language of the isurga is known well among students of the dark arts. The isurga are a race of prophets and they commit their myriad visions to scrolls and tablets, often allowing them to float to the surface to be “shared” with the land races. The prophecies of the isurga are twisted and maddening, filled with lie after lie, but somehow always reveal the truth after endless obfuscation.


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