Scarred Heavens

Review from Session 7

By a majority decision, the party has decided to take the sea route in order to avoid lingering cultist forces that may be lurking on the land route to Or-Mayad. They have hired a nalboth captain by the name of Gilgarak and his barge, who has promised to take them as far as Halakhand (a port city just south of Or-Mayad) for 100 gold a head. This comes out around 1300g total for the trip, taking the party, the Queen, the Princess, their bodyguard, their wizard, Sarbawa, and Duke Kaseda. Additional Kaseda bodyguards can be brought aboard the barge for 100 gold a head, up to 10 total. For the first leg of the trip, they are travelling by barge down to the port city of Shangi. The rest of the Kaseda army is marching to Shangi by foot and horse. Once the party arrives, they’ll have a few days of rest and free time while the Kaseda army arrives and Gilgarak trades in his barge for a seaworthy vessel.

The party has also taken a bit of loot from the ruins of the Unseen Market. Kittikee has rolled 26 on Appraise check:

- A small bag of gems hidden under the corpse of a fallen merchant. Inside:
– A garnet worth 700 gold
– A black pearl worth 600 gold
– A silver pearl worth 120 gold
– A moonstone worth 30 gold
– An irregular pearl worth 10 gold
- A Divine Scroll of Augury, with material cost already paid and including a set of bones for the Focus.
- 2 flasks of holy water
- A masterwork greataxe
- A chain shirt, fitted for a small character (gnome or halfling)
- A darkwood heavy shield
- A masterwork sitar (instrument)

Your total in unsold gems and relics is now 4480gp
You have 1300gp in coinage

As always, if there’s certain loot you’ve received that you want to pawn off, let me know.

Loot from Session 9

By popular decision, the party gave up the treasure from Session 8 to Serhoku. In return, they earned a Periapt of Health, currently worn now by Rei.

A quick search of Serhoku’s mansion before the party departed did not turn up much, however. The party only found 200gp worth of coins in Serhoku’s study.


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