Scarred Heavens

Treasure from Tezodavyih

Now that the party has left the ruins, time has been taken to identify and appraise the treasure from Sessions 5 and 6:

Magical Items:
- +1 Heavy Steel Shield (claimed by Alaric)
- Horseshoes of Speed (claimed by Kittikee for Pony)
- Crown of Minor Blasting (claimed by Rei)
- Ring of Counterspells (claimed by Len)
- Potion of Cure Light Wounds (unclaimed)
- 1x Divine Scroll of Spiritual Weapon x2 (claimed by Rei)
- 1x Arcane Scroll of Daze Monster (claimed by Len)
- 1x Arcane Scroll of Summon Monster I and Flaming Sphere (claimed by Aurea)

Mundane Items:
- Masterwork Darkleaf Studded Leather Armor (claimed by Aurea)
- Masterwork Scimitar (unclaimed)

Gems & Relics:
- Emerald, appraised at 1000 gp
- 6 ambers, appraised at 150 gp each
- Chalcedony, valued at 80 gp
- Obsidian jug, valued at 40 gp
- Facemask carved from ivory, valued at 800 gp
- A cinnabar statue of a frog, valued at 100 gp
- a piece of agate, valued at 60 gp
- 2 pieces of volcanic glass, valued at 20 gp each

- Total worth once fenced: 3020 gp

- A grand total of 1300 gp in gold coins


Claiming Scimitar donating Katar for other peoples use or selling.

Treasure from Tezodavyih

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