Scarred Heavens

Treasure from Session 5

- +1 Heavy Steel Shield (claimed by Alaric) – this is a minor magic item. +1 is the enhancement bonus – means, for armor, it offers an AC bonus 1 higher than a normal shield, and it counts as magic for certain things.
- Masterwork Scimitar, taken from Pavrah. Unclaimed.

- 1 x Arcane Scroll of Daze Monster
- 1 x Arcane Scroll of Summon Monster I, Flaming Sphere
- 1 x Divine Scroll of Spiritual Weapon x2
- A 4-set of horseshoes made of gold, not identified/appraised
- An ivory facemask, not identified/appraised
- A cinnabar statue of a frog, not identified/appraised
- An obsidian jug, not identified/appraised
- A small bag of 6 pieces of polished amber, not identified/appraised
- A book of magical formulae, but not necessarily identified as a wizard spellbook. Not identified/appraised
- 6 x Shards of glowing crystal, not identified/appraised. Detect Magic senses heavy abjuration magic in them, of divine magic origin.
- 600 gold coins, stamped with the symbols of Old Itzamanti

In addition, the party has handed over three gems to Tobaba, giving up a total of 168 gold (28 gold from each person)

Finally, the party has found a coded letter. Len took a few minutes to decode the contents. The letter itself will be posted in the next entry here.



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