Scarred Heavens

Treasure from Session 4

Looting the various Durjas that died this session netted the following:

- 480 gp in a mix of silver and gold coins
- A piece of cut jade, valued by Kittikee at 120 gp
- A small citrine, valued by Kittikee at 28 gp
- A small peridot, valued by Kittikee at 20 gp

Total gold: 640 gp
Split evenly with party – 108 gold

In addition, a few goods were found on a couple of the Durjas
- 1x Spyglass
- 3x alchemical flasks containing a blue, airy gas, one on each of the Durja ambushers in the second encounter. These are identified as Elemental Breath alchemy items.
- 2x small flasks of a clear, odorous liquid. These are Universal Solvent wondrous magical items.



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