Scarred Heavens

Treasure from Session 3

- Jeweled gold anklet, appraised and sold for 3000 gold.

This allows for a roughly 500 gold pool for each person. Kittikee is requesting a bit more from others to pitch in so she can make up to 900 gold to begin crafting a magic item (Hat of Disguise – allows the wearer to change his or her physical appearance)

In addition, there is some new equipment from the Queen’s armory of your choice

- Masterwork Silver Dagger
- masterwork long sword
- masterwork glaive
- banded armor

The court wizard Trekaya has also brought plenty of goods for the party. She has access to a wide range of spells and scrolls that she is willing to offer to the party so long as she receives monetary compensation.

Arcane spell scrolls may be commissioned for market price from Trekaya. This pretty much means that 1st level spells cost 25 gold, 2nd level spells cost 150 gold, 3rd level spells cost 375 gold. You can commission up to three spells on a single scroll for easy access – which means you’ll have access to those three spells without having to take the action to draw an additional scroll.

Trekaya’s power will grow over the course of the campaign if she is called upon and/or doesn’t kick the bucket – however, she will not progress as fast as some of you. She may not always have access to all spells either, but it’s a good chance she’ll have access to the wizard spell list’s selection of transmutation, divination, and abjuration spells.

In addition, she has given you a few free goodies.

- 4 thunderstones (alchemical items, see the equipment list in Pathfinder)
- 3x Oils of Magic Weapon (potions that must be applied to an item)
- 1x Potion of Mage Armor

Finally, she has let Len Yasabu’s familiar take a look at her spellbook, and he’s added a few new spells to his list of spells known.



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