Scarred Heavens

New Gold Policy and the Potion/Scroll Pool

We seem to have some issues right now tracking gold, so I’m moving to a pool system for the entire party. Rather than splitting loot, we’re going to pool resources from now on.

Right now, your gold is sitting at 2900 gold total for the party. You also have that 3020 gp worth of gems and relics to fence, which will be added to the pool once fenced.

We need people to claim the potions, mundane items, alchemical items in the party as well, since we seem confused who has what. Here’s what we have right now:


1x Cure Light Wounds (I know Len crafted more, but not sure how many)
1x Pass Without Trace
1x Protection from Chaos
1x Mage Armor
2x Magic Weapon

Alchemical items:

3x Alchemist Fire
4x Thunderstone
3x Elemental Breath
2x Universal Solvent

Mundane Items:

Masterwork Scimitar
Masterwork Longsword



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