Scarred Heavens

Loot from Session 2

Chest #1:

340 silver (3 gold, 40 silver)
3 x flasks of Alchemist’s Fire

Chest #2:

260 gold
1x Chainmail
1x Carnelian worth 70g
1x Amethyst worth 90g
1x Portrait of Queen Aaradhya, worth 120g
1x Potion – Pass without trace
1x Potion – Protection from Chaos

From the Priests

60 gold

Total Gold (Of the first two sessions) after selling jewels and art pieces:
834 gold
Divided evenly among 6 people: 139 gold

Items unable to sell:

- Idol of Kezia
- 2x Holy Symbol of Ur

As far as gold will work, you each have an even amount. However, if you’re looking to buy something big from the market like a masterwork weapon or armor or a particular kit or alchemy things, you can request some gold from your fellows to meet its cost.



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