Scarred Heavens

Loot from Session 9

By popular decision, the party gave up the treasure from Session 8 to Serhoku. In return, they earned a Periapt of Health, currently worn now by Rei.

A quick search of Serhoku’s mansion before the party departed did not turn up much, however. The party only found 200gp worth of coins in Serhoku’s study.

Review from Session 7

By a majority decision, the party has decided to take the sea route in order to avoid lingering cultist forces that may be lurking on the land route to Or-Mayad. They have hired a nalboth captain by the name of Gilgarak and his barge, who has promised to take them as far as Halakhand (a port city just south of Or-Mayad) for 100 gold a head. This comes out around 1300g total for the trip, taking the party, the Queen, the Princess, their bodyguard, their wizard, Sarbawa, and Duke Kaseda. Additional Kaseda bodyguards can be brought aboard the barge for 100 gold a head, up to 10 total. For the first leg of the trip, they are travelling by barge down to the port city of Shangi. The rest of the Kaseda army is marching to Shangi by foot and horse. Once the party arrives, they’ll have a few days of rest and free time while the Kaseda army arrives and Gilgarak trades in his barge for a seaworthy vessel.

The party has also taken a bit of loot from the ruins of the Unseen Market. Kittikee has rolled 26 on Appraise check:

- A small bag of gems hidden under the corpse of a fallen merchant. Inside:
– A garnet worth 700 gold
– A black pearl worth 600 gold
– A silver pearl worth 120 gold
– A moonstone worth 30 gold
– An irregular pearl worth 10 gold
- A Divine Scroll of Augury, with material cost already paid and including a set of bones for the Focus.
- 2 flasks of holy water
- A masterwork greataxe
- A chain shirt, fitted for a small character (gnome or halfling)
- A darkwood heavy shield
- A masterwork sitar (instrument)

Your total in unsold gems and relics is now 4480gp
You have 1300gp in coinage

As always, if there’s certain loot you’ve received that you want to pawn off, let me know.

New Gold Policy and the Potion/Scroll Pool

We seem to have some issues right now tracking gold, so I’m moving to a pool system for the entire party. Rather than splitting loot, we’re going to pool resources from now on.

Right now, your gold is sitting at 2900 gold total for the party. You also have that 3020 gp worth of gems and relics to fence, which will be added to the pool once fenced.

We need people to claim the potions, mundane items, alchemical items in the party as well, since we seem confused who has what. Here’s what we have right now:


1x Cure Light Wounds (I know Len crafted more, but not sure how many)
1x Pass Without Trace
1x Protection from Chaos
1x Mage Armor
2x Magic Weapon

Alchemical items:

3x Alchemist Fire
4x Thunderstone
3x Elemental Breath
2x Universal Solvent

Mundane Items:

Masterwork Scimitar
Masterwork Longsword

Treasure from Tezodavyih

Now that the party has left the ruins, time has been taken to identify and appraise the treasure from Sessions 5 and 6:

Magical Items:
- +1 Heavy Steel Shield (claimed by Alaric)
- Horseshoes of Speed (claimed by Kittikee for Pony)
- Crown of Minor Blasting (claimed by Rei)
- Ring of Counterspells (claimed by Len)
- Potion of Cure Light Wounds (unclaimed)
- 1x Divine Scroll of Spiritual Weapon x2 (claimed by Rei)
- 1x Arcane Scroll of Daze Monster (claimed by Len)
- 1x Arcane Scroll of Summon Monster I and Flaming Sphere (claimed by Aurea)

Mundane Items:
- Masterwork Darkleaf Studded Leather Armor (claimed by Aurea)
- Masterwork Scimitar (unclaimed)

Gems & Relics:
- Emerald, appraised at 1000 gp
- 6 ambers, appraised at 150 gp each
- Chalcedony, valued at 80 gp
- Obsidian jug, valued at 40 gp
- Facemask carved from ivory, valued at 800 gp
- A cinnabar statue of a frog, valued at 100 gp
- a piece of agate, valued at 60 gp
- 2 pieces of volcanic glass, valued at 20 gp each

- Total worth once fenced: 3020 gp

- A grand total of 1300 gp in gold coins

Treasure from Session 5

- +1 Heavy Steel Shield (claimed by Alaric) – this is a minor magic item. +1 is the enhancement bonus – means, for armor, it offers an AC bonus 1 higher than a normal shield, and it counts as magic for certain things.
- Masterwork Scimitar, taken from Pavrah. Unclaimed.

- 1 x Arcane Scroll of Daze Monster
- 1 x Arcane Scroll of Summon Monster I, Flaming Sphere
- 1 x Divine Scroll of Spiritual Weapon x2
- A 4-set of horseshoes made of gold, not identified/appraised
- An ivory facemask, not identified/appraised
- A cinnabar statue of a frog, not identified/appraised
- An obsidian jug, not identified/appraised
- A small bag of 6 pieces of polished amber, not identified/appraised
- A book of magical formulae, but not necessarily identified as a wizard spellbook. Not identified/appraised
- 6 x Shards of glowing crystal, not identified/appraised. Detect Magic senses heavy abjuration magic in them, of divine magic origin.
- 600 gold coins, stamped with the symbols of Old Itzamanti

In addition, the party has handed over three gems to Tobaba, giving up a total of 168 gold (28 gold from each person)

Finally, the party has found a coded letter. Len took a few minutes to decode the contents. The letter itself will be posted in the next entry here.

Treasure from Session 4

Looting the various Durjas that died this session netted the following:

- 480 gp in a mix of silver and gold coins
- A piece of cut jade, valued by Kittikee at 120 gp
- A small citrine, valued by Kittikee at 28 gp
- A small peridot, valued by Kittikee at 20 gp

Total gold: 640 gp
Split evenly with party – 108 gold

In addition, a few goods were found on a couple of the Durjas
- 1x Spyglass
- 3x alchemical flasks containing a blue, airy gas, one on each of the Durja ambushers in the second encounter. These are identified as Elemental Breath alchemy items.
- 2x small flasks of a clear, odorous liquid. These are Universal Solvent wondrous magical items.

Treasure from Session 3

- Jeweled gold anklet, appraised and sold for 3000 gold.

This allows for a roughly 500 gold pool for each person. Kittikee is requesting a bit more from others to pitch in so she can make up to 900 gold to begin crafting a magic item (Hat of Disguise – allows the wearer to change his or her physical appearance)

In addition, there is some new equipment from the Queen’s armory of your choice

- Masterwork Silver Dagger
- masterwork long sword
- masterwork glaive
- banded armor

The court wizard Trekaya has also brought plenty of goods for the party. She has access to a wide range of spells and scrolls that she is willing to offer to the party so long as she receives monetary compensation.

Arcane spell scrolls may be commissioned for market price from Trekaya. This pretty much means that 1st level spells cost 25 gold, 2nd level spells cost 150 gold, 3rd level spells cost 375 gold. You can commission up to three spells on a single scroll for easy access – which means you’ll have access to those three spells without having to take the action to draw an additional scroll.

Trekaya’s power will grow over the course of the campaign if she is called upon and/or doesn’t kick the bucket – however, she will not progress as fast as some of you. She may not always have access to all spells either, but it’s a good chance she’ll have access to the wizard spell list’s selection of transmutation, divination, and abjuration spells.

In addition, she has given you a few free goodies.

- 4 thunderstones (alchemical items, see the equipment list in Pathfinder)
- 3x Oils of Magic Weapon (potions that must be applied to an item)
- 1x Potion of Mage Armor

Finally, she has let Len Yasabu’s familiar take a look at her spellbook, and he’s added a few new spells to his list of spells known.

Loot from Session 2

Chest #1:

340 silver (3 gold, 40 silver)
3 x flasks of Alchemist’s Fire

Chest #2:

260 gold
1x Chainmail
1x Carnelian worth 70g
1x Amethyst worth 90g
1x Portrait of Queen Aaradhya, worth 120g
1x Potion – Pass without trace
1x Potion – Protection from Chaos

From the Priests

60 gold

Total Gold (Of the first two sessions) after selling jewels and art pieces:
834 gold
Divided evenly among 6 people: 139 gold

Items unable to sell:

- Idol of Kezia
- 2x Holy Symbol of Ur

As far as gold will work, you each have an even amount. However, if you’re looking to buy something big from the market like a masterwork weapon or armor or a particular kit or alchemy things, you can request some gold from your fellows to meet its cost.

Our Own Kind (Zigo Short Story)

“The world we live in… belongs to the enemy. We must live… carefully. We look out for our own kind, Zigo. When all is said and done… we’re all we got.”

His father’s words rang in his head, over the dull hum of chatter coming from the nearby strangers. In typical Niranese custom, the proprietor Sarbawa offered them a hookah and the hospitality of the Golden Lilac Den. Zigo could do little more than scowl.

Damn tourists nearly got me killed… Guess that’s what I get for jumping into something I got no business in.

The halfling’s hand drifted to one of his many pockets, where a now crumpled letter, unopened, sat. If the goons of Ur’s high priest were after this, the reward for its return could set him up for years. All he had to do was sneak out…

…past the over-zealous priest, the spear-thrower from up north, the living suit of armor, and the Denmaster. It was the lattermost character that Zigo feared the most; his ear was still burning. Not to mention he had the local guard under his thumb—speaking of which, they were still likely just outside, investigating the mess the outsiders made.

Trapped. Great.

Zigo scowled towards the oblivious tourists—five strangers from all over the world, and clearly from all walks of life.

First was a Yaguran priest—a goody two-shoes with bright blonde hair and a serious attitude. She had managed to shake one of the thugs outside to his core, though it had more to do with the naginata slung across her back than anything. She had demanded he hand over the letter, after he had bullied its courier out of both it and his wallet.

Ten silver and a bit of string… hardly worth my time. And what’s this to her, anyhow? She’s not the type to appreciate value, or how things work in this City of Thieves.

Next was one of two human men; Zigo could tell his origin didn’t come from too far, likely somewhere around the Bay. Probably some pilgrim or wandering merchant—he wouldn’t bother with the fight. Still, he was quick to come to Blondie’s aid.

Funny how she tried to trip me—hah! I’m better than that. …Not better than a squad of the local muscle, though.

Speaking of muscle, the second human man had plenty to spare—he was carrying three—THREE—spears, plus a shield and full armor, and wasn’t breaking a sweat. He was clearly not Yaguran or Niranese; Zigo had seen enough of them to know. Perhaps one of those northerners he heard about now and again? He could be useful… maybe.

Looks more the kind to be buddy-buddy with Blondie, not to mention he’s babysitting a gnome.

The gnome was a strange case. She had clearly been on the road for quite some time, and likely from somewhere a little less civilized. Same blonde hair and green eyes as the priest, but both were far more wild and unpredictable. The gnome herself was clearly far giddier than she would’ve been normally.

Guess the wine’s a bit much for that one.

The final outsider was… strange, to say the least. More machine than man, with a large heavy spear by his side and as stoic as the statue he looked liked he could be. Maybe he was animated? Either way, his piercing gaze was unnerving—it sent shivers up Zigo’s spine earlier.

And these five tourists come into Mahza and think they can just rough up the locals? Clearly they don’t know this town like I do—know how things work like I do.

Zigo had left home nearly ten years ago, now, with dreams of becoming a mercenary. He’d heard the stories of such halflings hundreds of times before, the “Jaguar Guard” being the most renown. Defending the richest nobility from the most dire threats, the Jaguars were cunning, agile, and highly effective. It was little wonder they earned such fame and fortune…

Fame and fortune that I should have, too. This will have to do for now.

He was no Jaguar, but he had become the next best thing: whatever he wanted to be. He had stalked the streets of the bay’s biggest cities, ambushed the well-to-do on its roads in the countryside, and most recently, had sailed its waters with the exact kind of scum he loved the most.

Zigo smiled briefly, thinking about the old boys. “Rat”, they called him—he was small, fast, able to take whatever he wanted, and was impossible to keep down for long. For being named after such a dirty pest, he was honored by the title, and his skills were much admired by his partners in crime.

Until those Kartiya bastards went and smoked us out.

They had torched his crew’s den; leaving nothing behind. Everything—all the loot, the weapons, even the boys—gone in flames. Zigo counted his blessings every day since then to have made it out with what he managed to take with him; being the “Rat” truly paid off.

For the past month he had been stalking the alleys of the City of Thieves—he fit right in, after all. Just earlier that night, he had swiped a small idol from a merchant’s stall, and had made dozens of similar pulls in the recent weeks. Zigo knew that, eventually, he’d need to slum it with one of the local gangs, or even the Cult of Ganushim that ran the underworld… but that would be highly dangerous.

Zigo looked to the group of tourists again, enjoying their stay. They had managed to deal with some of the town’s roughest goons, without so much as a scratch. His hand drifted to the letter again. Maybe, just maybe…

“We look out for our own kind, Zigo. When all is said and done… we’re all we got.”

My own kind. Who was his “kind” anymore? Not the family he ran from, or the gangs he had cheated, and not the pirates he once ran with. There was nobody left… except for five strangers around a hookah.

My kind… is up to me. Who I choose.

Taking a deep breath and stowing away the letter, Zigo slowly walked over to the circle of tourists, joining them silently.

Guess we’ll just see what happens.


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